Scott Appalachian Industries endeavors to encourage the development of potential for independent living and provides the following services whenever appropriate.


TRANSPORTATION is available to all program participants of SAI at a rate of $3.00 per boarding.  Reimbursement for rides is sought from sponsoring agencies when appropriate and SAI does not charge if that is the case.  Exception:  When people who routinely ride vans fail to notify drivers when they will not ride the van, the participant will be charged the full price of $3.00.  (See Ride Policy in the center rules.) 

VOCATIONAL ADJUSTMENT stresses promptness, dependability, job appreciation, socially acceptable behavior and attitude, and universally desirable work habits and practices.  Training utilizes production contracts in a vocational setting and people earn while they learn.  Compensation encourages development and preservation of physical abilities


DAY HABILITATION provides "employment" for people when unsubsidized employment is remote.  Though not the primary purpose for enrollment at SAI, wages generated as a consequence is a very desirable by-product for participation in the training/therapeutic program portion of vocational services provided at the center.

SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT is paid employment for persons whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is unlikely or that need intensive ongoing support and/or continuous supervision to perform in a work setting.  Follow along services are provided when on-going support and training are needed to enable the person to maintain employment.  Also other possible services included for supportive employment are transportation, personal care services and counseling to families.

SUPPORTED LIVING/COMMUNITY LIVING SUPPORTS is individually tailored services and supports that enable a person to live in his or her own home.  The type and intensity of support may vary widely depending upon the person's individual needs and abilities.  Support can be a couple of hours to 24 hours per day.